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Friday, December 4, 2020
A sense of frustration could loom early this morning as the moon takes its final steps in Cancer while forming an opposition to Saturn. Watch out for controlling behavior in both you and others as you move through the first hours of the day.

Luckily, this energy won't last long because the moon soon changes signs into fiery Leo. We're given the opportunity to shed any emotional baggage from the past couple days in favor of a lighter, warmer vibe. It's okay to be a little superficial today, and while Leo energy does love a good dose of drama, it'll likely be of the creative or fashion-forward variety.

A grand trine forms in the cosmos this afternoon, giving you permission to communicate what you want and put your thoughts on the table. It's a great day for artists to showcase their work and engage with creative outlets as well. Leo natives are known for their amazing mane, so if you're due for a haircut, today could be the day your stylist knocks it out of the park.

While the vibes here are mostly sunny, there is still a cosmic aspect that could make emotions run wild. Uranus forms a square to the moon tonight, and with everyone's ego out to play right now, there is a chance that personalities could clash. Focus on yourself. You've earned it!
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