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Tuesday, February 23, 2021
The moon trines Neptune around midday, so if you've been thinking of launching some sort of social media platform where you can express your views, share information, and show off your talents, today is the day to launch. Neptune rules cameras and film, so hit the public with your stories, compositions, comedy, or other gifts this afternoon.

This is also a time when creative inspiration can flow freely. If you're still struggling, just start with the face in the mirror, because your reflection should reveal the focus you should take. You might also experience some unusual psychic sensitivity today, and if you have questions to ask your astrologer, this is the day to ask them.

Much later tonight you could experience a playful rivalry with someone. This can be a sensual experience with your partner or a healthy competition with a friend. This is a great time to take the lead if you haven't been inclined to before.

Use all the fun-loving popularity that comes with the moon-Mars sextile and then try to go to bed early. The final minutes of the day bring a difficult transit when the moon opposes Pluto, stirring feelings of hopelessness, paranoia, or other tumultuous emotions.
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