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Thursday, April 15, 2021
The moon takes its first steps in Gemini this morning, activating your mind, your desire to communicate, and your curious nature. You'll likely be busy with your phone over the next two days because you could be pulled to connect and chat with others more than usual. Just make sure you put social media aside now and then to help ground and center you.

A helpful aspect between the sun and Jupiter brings some especially auspicious energy to the party. The moves you make today should go over quite well, so take a proactive approach when it comes to accomplishing your goals and manifesting the future you desire.

However, a frustrating minor aspect between Mercury and Neptune could put a damper on things, especially if you're experiencing self-doubt or a dip in your ego. Remember to focus on the positive. Combat any feelings of unworthiness with positive affirmations and a belief in yourself.

A helpful aspect between Saturn and the north node can help you build up your confidence through solid planning for the future. Make a to-do list and attack your goals step-by-step. It can do wonders when it comes to embracing the change you wish to manifest in your life.

The moon links up with the north node this evening, helping you leave behind fears and find hope and inspiration for what's to come!' 
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