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Saturday, July 31, 2021
Getting out of bed could feel like a challenge today due to a series of aspects causing a funk in the cosmos. This morning, the moon forms a harsh square to Mercury, which could cause insomnia and mental chatter.

Taurus energy loves nothing more than to spend time in a comfy bed, and a rough aspect between the sun and moon could tempt you to stay under the covers, but try not to abuse the snooze button.

There are more energetic hiccups later in the morning, when Lady Luna forms yet another harsh aspect, this time with Saturn. You could feel as though you're stuck or emotionally shut down, which could leave you feeling isolated.

Venus sends some love your way this afternoon, asking you to be patient and loving with both yourself and the people around you. There could be a temptation to spend right now, but be mindful that you don't blow your budget or you could regret it later.

A connection between the moon and wildcard Uranus brings unexpected blessings your way tonight. The day may have been filled with ups and downs, but as you tuck yourself into bed, a sense of gratitude will wash over you.
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