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Monday, June 27, 2022
Good news from the Universe: Two positive sextiles point your day in a more positive, productive direction today.

First, a Mercury-Chiron sextile offers you the chance to heal an old wound by gently removing the bandage and getting it out into the open. Talk to someone about it if you're comfortable about doing that, or if you'd rather not say any of it out loud, write it down in a journal or letter that you don't plan on ever sending. Words have extreme healing power now, and this therapeutic sextile offers you the opportunity to express your pain in new ways. Apologies—whether making or receiving them—are especially powerful during this healing aspect.

The second, a moon-Mars sextile, offers up a competitive yet cooperative vibe that makes success a particularly attractive venture. Whether you're playing games with friends or working hard for a promotion at your job, this energy pushes you to be your best without being cocky about it. Is this a rare cosmic combo? Yes! Should you take full advantage of its energy to be the best you can be? Absolutely, 100 percent yes!
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