Important planetary aspects of the day:
Moon quintiles Uranus; Sun sesquiquadrates Dragon’s Head; Moon trines Neptune; Moon opposes Saturn; Venus sesquiquadrates Uranus; Moon opposes Pluto; Moon trines Sun; Moon quincunxes Jupiter.

Recommended attitudes/ strategies for the day:
You will find it easier to convey your inner most feelings with subtlety - sometimes even without expressing yourself in words! Make use of this influence to bring vexatious issues to a welcome conclusion. Your strategies during this period should have the right mix of tradition and innovations. Avoid crossing swords with influential persons/ authority figures even if you feel genuinely aggrieved during the afternoon hours. Vibes of cooperation will be felt more strongly during the evening hours; use this influence wisely to forge productive alliances with others. However, be extra-cautious in handling legal and corporate issues; read the fine print before inking your acceptance to important legal documents.

Activities that are highly favoured:
Intake of new medicines; learning advanced martial art routines; discussing futuristic plans with well-wishers; giving finishing touches to important legal documents; taking first bath after recovery from ailments; assuming lucky names; initiating wedding related formalities.

Activities that are preferably avoided:
Surgery on the respiratory organs; long journeys towards West and Northwest.

General numerological guidance for the day:
Caution should be the watchword in all that you do today; this applies to everyone.