3 Signs Your Mate's a Bully

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With all the anti-bullying campaigns going around among kids and parents, you'd think everyone would know what a bully looks like. But some people may be sleeping with a bully and not even realize it. Bullying doesn't have to incorporate physical abuse at all. In fact, a bully can be very physically affectionate, even with the ones who he or she bullies. Bullying boils down to aggression, harassment, coercion and threatening behavior. And the behavior isn't necessarily directed toward you, the bully's mate - though it ultimately may reflect negatively on you. The bullying may stem from a desire to be superior, so it may manifest when your mate deals with people who he or she views as "beneath" him or her. This can include people in the service industry - have you ever seen your mate completely overreact when a server messes up an order or serves cold food?