Early Signs of Emotional Abuse

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Domestic violence is a major problem for women - and men - and its effects are devastating. But a more subtle form of abuse is equally problematic, and its signs are more difficult to see than telltale bruises and black eyes. Emotional abuse is as painful as physical abuse, but the signs can be harder to detect. If you know the signs early on in the relationship, however, it can be a lot easier to dump the abuser than it would be after the relationship progresses. First, assess his feelings about previous relationships. If there's nothing at all he says that's nice about his exes, then that's a red flag. Subtle comparisons of how great you are to how horrible they were tell you he blames others for the smallest infractions - eventually, he'll start blaming you when he feels vulnerable. Take a look at his behavior toward others - does he treat those who he views as "beneath him" poorly, such as restaurant servers, cab drivers, sales associates, etc.?