Relationship Direction? How to Have "The Talk"

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"Where is this relationship going?" It might be a question that strikes fear into the hearts of men, but its answer is important to partners who want to know if their mates are in it for the long haul. The timetable may vary - there are no hard and fast rules to getting an idea of a relationship's long-term outlook - but be sure you're both ready to have the conversation before broaching the subject. One of the reasons why the commitment convo ends badly sometimes is that the one asking the question doesn't know what he or she wants from the relationship. Establish this first - where do you see the relationship going? What sort of commitment do you want? Marriage? Cohabitation? Kids? All of the above? Have a clear-cut objective of what you want before asking the question of your partner. Then check and see if that plan meshes with the rest of your life goals, such as career and children. Next, gauge where his feelings are.