The 3 Friends Everyone Needs

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Someone once said that friends are the family we choose for ourselves, and it rings true, particularly as we age. It's great to have close friends to depend on when things get rough and to celebrate our successes. But your Facebook account doesn't have to be packed to the gills with thousands of friends from every phase of life. Just a few close girlfriends who you cherish is enough. So here are three types of friends that every woman needs. First, the adviser is that friend who always knows what to say. She knows you well enough that regardless of the advice you need, she's there to offer her wise, apt words, whether it's what to pick off the restaurant menu or whether you should move across the country for a job. Just be sure you return the favor when she needs your help, too. Next, the old friend is the one who's been there through your ups and downs, embarrassing phases and milestones.