Cheating Alert! Signs You May Stray

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Most women fantasize about someone other than their partner - with movies like Magic Mike out there, it's totally normal! Daydreaming or pretending your partner is someone else during sex is pretty par for the course when you're in a monogamous relationship. But how do you know when your thoughts have crossed over from harmless to the high potential for cheating? There are a few signs that may indicate the possibility that you will stray, so take steps early to ensure that your fantasies don't become reality. First, take a look at how you portray your significant other to other people - is it usually in a negative light? If you're picking out insignificant quirks that you used to think were cute and finding fault with them, then it's possible you're looking for an excuse to cheat. Starting fights about silly matters? Same deal - you may be picking a fight in order to find a way into someone else's arms after you're "wronged." Concealing your relationship status, whether it's taking off your wedding ring when you're likely to run into a potential partner in crime or a lack of pictures of Facebook (where your ex might see them) of your husband may convey the desire not to be in that relationship. And obviously, if you're contacting those old flames or planning the details of a secret rendezvous, then it goes without saying that you're ready to take the next step to infidelity. Fantasies and dreams about someone other than your man are normal, but it's important to know when you might act on temptation so that you can stop and work on your relationship instead.