Guys' Surprising Turn-Ons

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Men are simple creatures who are easy to get interested in sex or the possibility of having sex. But there are a few ways to pique a guy's interest without performing some of the "obvious" sexy tasks, like donning a pair of tight jeans or batting your eyelashes. A great conversation can be enormously attractive, and the subjects you choose matter. Many guys like to fix things, and if you have that same technical frame of mind - and not just about cars or other heavy equipment - they'll be impressed. Computer know-how particularly gets a guy's attention. If he's tapping away on his iPad, a great conversation starter might be asking him about his famous apps. Being self-sufficient when it comes to fixing computer problems and not having to run to the closest Genius bar or Geek Squad is super attractive. Knowing your way around the kitchen is another major bonus when it comes to attracting a guy.