When It's Time to Move In Together

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If you've been with that special someone for quite a while and you're ready to take the next step, then it may make sense to cohabitate. But before you pack a single box, be sure that it's the right move for your relationship - and for each of you. First, have the dreaded "where is this relationship going?" conversation. It's necessary for each of you to outline your intentions before moving in together. It's true that many couples move in together with the intention of marrying in the future - in fact, up to 75 percent of couples who cohabitate intend to get hitched, and 55 percent of married couples live together first. But living together doesn't necessarily mean that you or your partner wants to get hitched. So discuss the relationship's direction before moving in. Next, you'll want to figure out why you want to move in with your partner - examine your motives.