Demystifying the Big O: Does It Exist?

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The female orgasm is a subject that has received plenty of attention from scientists. In fact, it seems as though you can't go a week without hearing conflicting reports about whether the G-spot exists or if it is made up.

However, from arguments about whether the Big O is real to different theories regarding the reason for the female orgasm, it is obvious that there is still an aura of mystery surrounding women's bodies.

The answer to the question "do orgasms exist?" depends on the person you ask. According to an ABC News report, 75% of women have never reached orgasm from intercourse alone, while 10% to15% have never climaxed, even with additional stimulus (such as hands, mouth, etc). This is compared with the 98% of men who claim they always achieve an orgasm during sex.

Women who have never experienced an orgasm can feel like something is wrong with them; in fact, this is seen time and time again on Internet forums and Yahoo answers. Even women who can climax with additional help may feel odd for not having an orgasm during penetrative sex. However, everyone's body is different and people experience pleasure in a number of ways.