How to Orgasm without Intercourse

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Touching can produce a powerful stimulating effect, and certain body parts are more sensitive than we often give them credit for.

Pay special attention to the ears, fingertips, stomach, neck, small of the back, hip bones, and even, yes, the feet. The average foot is home to hundreds of thousands of nerve clusters, and while it may take some experimentation, you might find that it's a powerhouse for stimulation.


There are millions of nerve sensors in the mouth, and even more located on the lips. As you're probably already aware, the lips themselves are a sexual organ, or at the very least a sensual one. When kissing your partner, take the opportunity to run your fingers through his hair, caress his face, and explore other parts within your reach.

Kissing is an important part of stimulation, but don't try to steamroll the process. Do it gently at first before becoming more playful, passionate, or thorough.