How to Orgasm without Intercourse

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Movies and television have used extensive creative license to make the process of rushing into sex appear passionate, but this kind of frenzy isn't always as effective in real life. Shows how much they know.

Mutual Masturbation

Most people achieve their first orgasm by themselves via masturbation, but far fewer engage in the activity with their partners once they've established a sexual relationship. Try experimenting with different tactics, such as beginning by touching yourself and then encouraging your partner to "finish up."

Women know their bodies, and we know what we like when we do it ourselves, so communicating your desires to your partner is a crucial component of achieving an orgasm sans penetration.

While the logistics of mutual masturbation - not to mention the distraction - can sometimes be tricky to work out, with a little practice and communication, you'll be surprised how satisfying manual stimulation can be.