How to Orgasm without Intercourse

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Oral Stimulation

Finally, the Holy Grail of orgasm without intercourse: oral sex. The tongue plays a lead role here, but don't forget the importance of communicating what feels good to your partner. Don't be shy about saying what you like and what you don't - this failure to communicate can lead to a frustrating experience in the bedroom.

The clitoris is an exceptionally sensitive organ, and its stimulation can sometimes be too much, so you might need to indicate to your partner that he needs to slow down or explore other parts of your body for a brief break. On the other hand, oral sex can also be a great way to achieve multiple orgasms, although not everyone is biologically capable of doing so.

When done properly, oral sex can easily supplant penetration, and neither you nor your partner will feel that you missed out on anything. Remember to reciprocate your partner's good deed, and you'll both fall asleep happy.