Pucker Up: Tips on How to Be a Great Kisser

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If you love to kiss, but haven't been getting enough lip action lately, you may be looking to improve your smooching game. Pucker up for some valuable tips on how you can go from being a so-so lip locker to a great kisser with perfect kissing technique.

There is no such thing as "the perfect kiss." Each kiss can be perfect in its own rite and in that moment, and every kiss shared between a couple is special.

That being said, if you and your partner haven't been sharing those perfect kisses as often as you'd like, there may be a few reasons for those lackluster lip-locks.

Great Kissing Basics

Kissing is subjective. What works for one person may serve as a complete turn-off for another. Here are some basic kissing tips to consider:

  • Pucker up for smooth lips - Exfoliate your lips with a damp toothbrush. Use chapstick or lip balm regularly to prevent chapped lips.