The Kissing Game: 7 Techniques to Drive Him Wild

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5. The Gluttonous Kiss

Gluttony is the excessive gorging of food and drink. Gluttony was seen as a sin and a weakness because if you become intoxicated you are much more likely to give in to other sins, such as lust, envy and anger. In our water-down version of gluttony, the intent is to make your lover hungry for you by giving him something to wet his appetite.

Start by selecting a favorite food or beverage to place in your mouth for this appetizing kiss. Ironically, a Hershey's kiss works well in executing this sinful kissing technique. Let the morsel of the chocolate melt in your mouth and then kiss your sweetheart for a doubly rich surprise.

6. The Angry Kiss

Anger is the antithesis to love and was seen as a deadly sin because it could literally lead to deadly consequences. For our modified angry kiss, we are not suggesting anything so sinister or painful. Instead, the angry kiss is more akin to an aggressive-styled kiss to release pent up feelings similar to the way that anger is the release of pent up frustration.

For the angry kiss, sneak up on your partner like a wild animal, let out a few playful growls, and then attack him with a rapid round of fiery kisses.