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Let The Body Language Do The Talking

Body language is usually the first thing someone notices about you - consciously or subconsciously. If you are looking to attract a man or set the right tone on a date, let your body do the talking. You may not think so, but you can use your body language to get what you want. Here's how.

Lean Back - Leaning forward while talking to a man may seem like it will make you look interested when actually it can come off as masculine and aggressive. He may also subconsciously feel as thought he is being chased or trapped. Instead of leaning forward during a conversation, tilt your body backwards. If you are standing, shift your weight subtly so that you appear to be leaning away from him just slightly. {relatedarticles}

Relax Your Hands - If you find that you're balling your fists or using your hands a lot when talking, try to remember to relax them. Tightened hands, arms and shoulders can make you seem tense or upset. Try to focus on having open palms and loose wrists. If you are holding a glass or fork loosen your grip. These small changes not only make you appear less anxious it can also give off an heir of femininity.

Eye contact - Eye contact is a fundamental part of attracting someone with body language but it must be done carefully. If you stare harshly or lock eyes with a man from across the room you may come off as hunter or too intense. Instead give a quick glance accompanied by a small smile, look away and then look again once more in the same way. This signals that you are interested but are leaving it up to him to initiate contact.


Mirror - One sign of compatibility is the unconscious act of mirroring someone's movements and mannerisms. Watch what your date or someone you are interested in is doing and follow suit. Smile when he smiles, laugh when he laughs etc. This can create a sense of similarity and closeness in a short period of time.

Slow everything down - Actions like walking too quickly or waving wildly from across the room can make you seem manic or stressed. Slow everything down to show that you are relaxed and confident. Don't snap your neck to look at someone when they address you, don't run across the room when you see someone you want to talk to etc.{relatedarticles}

Arms - You've probably heard this one before, but standing with your arms crossed sends a signal that you are being defensive or closed off. Standing with your arms straight stiff to the side also sends a bad message of anger or anxiety. Instead, stand with your arms relaxed at your sides, and if you are sitting, keep your arms folded casually in your lap to show that you are approachable and not hiding anything.

Legs - When standing, the position of the legs is a good indicator of your confidence and mood at the moment. Standing with your legs shoulder width apart demonstrates to those around you that you are relaxed. Taking an even wider stance shows control and that you are grounded. Sitting with your legs uncrossed, much like arms, shows that you are not in "protective mode" and are open to interaction.


Touching - If you have engaged in conversation with someone, you can take your body language to the next level by touching the other person. Lightly brushing his arm as you reach for your drink, patting him on the back when laughing at his joke or grazing knees under the table are all small gestures to show you are interested.

Preening - You may do this without realizing it but smoothing your hair, licking your lips, brushing your clothes off etc., is a sign to a man that you want to look good for them.{relatedarticles}

Your Face - Facial body language can perhaps send the strongest signals as our faces are usually the first thing a person notices. There are many parts of your face that communicate your mood to others. Typically to display interest or desire in another, your eyes will be widened, your eyebrows slightly raised, and your lips will be slightly puckered or parted.

Posture - An upright posture is sure sign of confidence. If you are a life-long sloucher this can be a tough habit to break, but by keeping your chin up, your back straight and shoulders back, you'll not only help your spine but you'll send out vibes that you are secure and open to communication.


Put Down Objects - Holding an object in front of you such as a purse can indicate shyness or that you are trying to hide something. Also, checking a phone constantly, picking the label of off your beer, or fiddling with your jewelry can signify that you are bored or anxious to get out of the situation or conversation.

Smile - Smiling might seem like a no-brainer but the way you smile can send out certain signals. A fake or forced smile tends to be too wide and show too much teeth. A genuine smile should involve the crinkling of the eyes and reveals little to no teeth. If you don't feel it, don't force it - it will only make you come off as fake or anxious.{relatedarticles}

It may not seem like a big deal but body language could possibly make or break your encounter with someone. The non-verbal cues we give off can be our strongest form of communication, even more so than talking. Studies show that words typically account for only 7% of our effective communication while body language can account for up to 55%. With a little effort and concentration you make a good first impression and hopefully a lasting connection.

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5 Web Sites That Should NEVER Pop Up in Your Man's Browser

Trust is an important part of any relationship. If you don't have faith in your boyfriend or husband, the connection you share can't help but feel hollow. Yet, like everything else that matters in life, the bond you have with your significant other isn't black and white.

The gray areas will always be there, especially if you have reason to believe your partner is not being up front with you. While it isn't ideal, peeking at his Internet history may give you some insight into the true character of the man of your dreams.

But beware. You just might see some sites that should never pop up in his browser. So take a deep breath and consider this list of five web sites that you don't want anywhere near your man's computer.

Pornography Sites

If you find out that the love of your life has a few favorite sites that qualify as porn, you may have an issue. Although it doesn't always mean anything is wrong with your relationship, some women think it's a deal breaker. That's because the need to watch porn could point to deficiencies in the real-life romance.


Also, there are cases where porn becomes an unhealthy addiction. And that can't help but do damage to the sexual chemistry you've developed with your man.

The other side of the story is that porn may be an exciting way to freshen up your sex life. So you may look at such sites as a plus, not so much as an insurmountable crisis.

However, every woman has her own view of porn. You'd be wise to draw your own conclusions on this subject. But if you feel pornography shouldn't be part of your man's browser, use this topic as an excuse to have an open discussion about what you want from this relationship. It might take your bond in a new and important direction.

Dating Sites

You've been through lots of ups and downs with your man, which, logically, leads you to believe you're both committed to each other and no one else. But then you find out he's got a collection of dating sites in his browser. What does it mean? Unfortunately, such a discovery may not a good sign for the happily ever after you've imagined with this guy.


Some men like to explain that they're just on these types of sites to meet people. It's as innocent as that. But if this is really the case, why choose sites that are designed to create romantic attachments? That's the question you have to ask yourself in a situation like this.

Gay Sites

When you plan to live the rest of your life with a man, the last thing you'd ever want to find in his browser are pages and pages of gay sites. It can only spell doom for your future, if you've always wished for a heterosexual, monogamous guy to be with for years to come.

But there is always the possibility that your main squeeze is simply curious about homosexual love. It may not be anything more than that. Of course, this can be a very embarrassing topic and one that the man in your life is hesitant to admit. Yet this secret interest may be the true reason behind his habit of storing gay sites on the home PC.

Still, the fact that you've found these web sites should give you reason to take a step back and really look at this relationship. It could be that your man is truly attracted to his own sex. If this is the real reason for his behavior, it will certainly get in the way of the romantic aspect of your attraction.

Couples counseling may be the way to go to figure out the next step in your relationship.


Spy Sites

You've been dating your life partner for a while and think you share a mutual trust. But everything changes in an instant when you discover he's been browsing through sites that enable him to spy on your computer activity. Now that goodwill is out the window.

Every aspect of the faith you thought you had in each other is under scrutiny because he has revealed that he doesn't believe in you. Whether his paranoia is because of past infidelities or he just has problems trusting women in general, this doesn't bode well for your future as a couple.

The fact that he's taken this extreme step to watch you online when you don't have a clue he's around brings up other disturbing questions. Where are his ethics? Does he have any? And if he is going out of his way to monitor you so secretively, what kind of information is he holding back from you?

These are all topics that need to be discussed before you can build any kind of trust with this man again. Otherwise, this cagey behavior is only going to get worse, building a foundation of suspicion on what should be a satisfying relationship.


Married Or Cheating Types of Sites

You've taken marital vows and they mean the world to you. But what happens when you find out your very own husband is fixated on sites that help him cheat on you? Believe it or not, these web sites are pretty common. And they can spell the end of the marriage you've held so dear.

Not only does this discovery speak volumes about your hubby's trustworthiness, but it says a lot about his respect for you in general. The slogan for one site is, "Join us today! It's free. Don't be married and bored or married and lonely. You can have fun meeting up with other marrieds in your area for married affairs and much more."


Sadly, however, the act of having an affair has been glamorized on the internet. Some of these sites actively promote the excitement of this kind of passionate liaison, creating marketing slogans that make immoral behavior fun. Your significant other may just be one of the many men who fall victim to a catchy advertising campaign, even at the expense of your marriage.

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Different Strokes: 15 Soft Spots That Drive Him Crazy

Have you been wishing lately that your honey had more yin than yang or was more like a babbling brook instead of rushing rapids? You are not alone. If your fellow is suffering from too much testosterone lately, then maybe you need to help him ease up on the accelerator by teaching him about getting in touch with his softer side.

What better way to reach his softer side than to awaken the soft spots in his erogenous zones that will leave him tingling instead of tumbling? Here is a list of all-time favorite soft spots that will drive him crazy from top to bottom.

The Scalp

Containing numerous glands and hair follicles, the scalp protects his busy brain when working overtime. To calm his mind, body, and soul, begin by running your hands through his hair with gentle circular strokes.


This works well especially in the shower. If your partner doesn't have enough hair to work up lather then just squeeze your fingertips all along his scalp until you feel his stress slip away.

The Temple

With modern day hassles come modern day headaches, especially stress headaches that pound our temples like a set of drums. He might not even realize how tense is he until you start massaging his temples with soft tender strokes.

The Cheeks, Chin and Jowls

The cheeks are one of the softest and fleshiest parts of our bodies. However if your fellow shaves, his cheeks, chin, and jowls are under attack every day. Your gentle fingers along the jaw line and under the chin can make him forget about his 8 rounds with the razor that morning.

The Ears

The ears are a very sensitive area of our bodies, especially the soft and delicate ear lobe. The ears can be gently teased with kisses, licks and gentle tugs. For a more aggressive play, try thrusting your tongue into his ear and then perk up your ears to hear his reaction.


The Neck

One of the most erogenous zones for men and women, the neck is also a place where we carry a lot of tension and baggage of the day. If your fellow is hunched over a computer all day, he may be experiencing a lot of neck pain and stiffness. A gentle message in this area can transform your growling tiger into a gentle pussycat.

The Elbow

If you can trigger the funny bone with a light tapping, you will create a sensation that will give your guy an experience that is strange and amusing. This one might be used best on someone you would like to start stroking more often that you don't know so well.

The Fingers

His fingers are another soft spot to focus on because they are quite sensitive. If you have any doubt, ask him to close his eyes and then place something of yours in his hands and see how he reacts. For a little more intensity, try suckling his fingers one at a time; he will soon make the connection that his fingers are standing in as double for another part of his body.

The Abs

Whether your fellow is sporting a six pack or has already gone a little soft around the middle, a gentle leisurely stroke along the abdomen may get him to suck in his gut with unexpected pleasure.

The Chest

Massaging his chest is another substitute for stroking his manhood and another opportunity to wrap your fingers around some more curls-if he is well endowed in this area. For a little more spice, focus on his nipples which are filled with nerves. Think of your caresses as a role reversal exercise to help him get in touch with his more feminine side.


The Navel

The navel is where life began and is the soft spot where he first bonded with his mother. You can continue that special bonding feeling by touching his navel and the region around it with your finger or the tip of your tongue. He should experience a tingling feeling deep inside while experiencing a déja vu moment.

The Back

Professional masseuses earn very good money for their services. You will better understand why they are in such high demand after you see, hear, and feel the reaction of your man, after you have become his personal masseuse. Begin with a gentle rub all over his back and then concentrate on a problem area. The lower back or shoulders are good choices. To bring on a "gotcha reaction," try navigating your tongue along the center of his back and listen for the gasp of surprise and delight.

The Inner Thigh

Soft, smooth, and near and dear to his "yin" the inner thigh is a perfect area to caress with elongated strokes. You rhythmic movements will be a delightful tease.


The Back of Knee

Similar to the elbow, the unique sensations from stroking the back of his knees with both confuse him and amuse him. It's the strangeness of this area that makes it a winning soft spot.

The Feet

Reflexology is an ancient healing technique that involves the message of the feet used to relieve tension and treat illnesses, based on the theory that there are reflex points particularly on the feet linked to every part of the body.

Since we tend to abuse our feet daily from hitting the pavement, a gentle massage will do wonders. For the best effect, place the palm of your hand on the sole of his foot and start rubbing, then branch out and rock the top of his foot back and forth until he starts to coo like a baby.

Between the Toes

Toes, like the fingers are highly sensitive, and also suffer from being confined by our shoes. To stimulate the toes, try gently separating them to create a special tingling effect.


His Heart

This is the soft spot that truly is important and the one that you want to touch the most. To soften his heart, caress each of his soft spots while whispering softly a melody in his ears of how much you love and appreciate him.

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