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Do Opposites Really Attract?

They say opposites attract, but do they really?

In its most basic sense, an opposite is someone who is different. But not all differences are attractive.

For instance, you might be on the shy side. Yet you have always admired those who are bold and brash. Therefore, you might be attracted to someone like this.

But let's say you tend to be more conservative. Someone who is completely the opposite, with a more liberal view of things might not be as attractive to you. Sure, it can happen but in general there are some opposites we would never be drawn to. {relatedarticles}

When opposites do attract it tends to be more about a person's characteristics rather than their values or standards. This is especially true if you are looking down the road at a long-term relationship.

Opposites Who Complement One Another

One of the appealing forces behind opposite attractions is when it's complementary. Those who are big risk takers can be slowed down by someone who thinks through their decisions first.

Yet on the other hand, those who tend to be more careful about things might learn how fun spontaneity can be with the risk taker. This is an example of opposites who complement each other.

When a relationship is built on complementary traits, it can actually help you learn and grow, not only as a couple but individually as well. There may be things in yourself that you never realized you were capable of or there may be things that you never knew could be changed.

When opposites begin to butt heads at every turn, this is a sure sign that attraction has faded. No longer do you find those opposing ways to be appealing, now they are nothing more than disturbances.

Temporary vs. Long-Term Attraction

The importance of whether or not opposites attract only matters if you are looking for a long-term relationship. When you are initially dating someone, it is a temporary attraction that yes, while it can turn permanent, doesn't usually matter how alike or unalike you are.{relatedarticles}

In fact, you may be trying to figure that all out. What traits in yourself would you like to find in someone else? What are those things that you don't like about yourself that you would never want to deal with in another person?

This is a learning process that you may have to go through before you realize what you really want in a relationship. Although it might not matter in the beinning, it becomes much more important when you start thinking about a future together. Temporary attraction only goes so far when it comes to certain aspects of a relationship.

Issues such as where you will live, religion, careers, money, and having children will require an attraction that has some commonalities. For instance, if you enjoy the adventurous side of things and would like to move to a fast-paced city, that may not go over well with the one who prefers to live a quiet life in the country.

Or if you tend to be the type who spends their money as soon as it's earned, the one who likes to save might find this to be difficult to live with long term. This is where similarities will make a significant difference in a relationship.

Don't Expect to Change the Other

What often happens to couples who are the opposite is that eventually down the road one tries to change the other. Suddenly they don't find those opposite qualities to be so endearing. This can lead to a new mission in life, the one of reshaping the other.

It's important to realize that everyone has differences, which should be respected. Even if it's not something you agree with, it doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong. If you go into a relationship attracted to someone but determined to eventually help them see their wrongful ways, it will likely backfire. People are not meant to be molded and shaped like a piece of clay.{relatedarticles}

Sure, there are things that everyone could change. But it's not our job to try and change others. We are responsible for ourselves, no one else.

At the same time, it might help to learn how to embrace some of those differences. It will give you a better appreciation of that person and the world at large.

Wouldn't this world be a pretty boring place if everyone was the same? Think about it, would you really want to wake up and face every single day with someone who is just like you? Oftentimes what keeps a relationship alive and growing is the very fact that there are differences.

Learn to Negotiate

Sometimes those differences in a relationship can be negotiated. Smaller issues such as television viewing could be resolved by watching your partner's favorite show one night and your favorite show another night.

Even bigger issues can be negotiated. You might want to have a large family but your partner would prefer one child. You could negotiate somewhere down the middle.

It's not easy to negotiate important issues like that. But when your attraction to the opposite goes beyond the surface, you will both learn how to do it.{relatedarticles}

Only Time Will Tell

The truth is that only time will tell if opposites attracted to one another can make it work. That initial attraction can wear off.

When you are faced with the work that goes along with a relationship, suddenly you come to terms with whether or not you have the makings for it. So perhaps it's not so much about opposites attracting as there are certain qualities in others that we are more drawn to.

When it comes right down to it, there will always be similarities and differences between two people. While one side may weigh more heavily than the other, mutual attraction can be found in a variety of ways.

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Tip to Save a Marriage

If your marriage is on the rocks, you should understand the exact problem before doing what is needed to solve it. Here is my tip on how to save a marriage for all couples whether they just got married or have been married for some time.

It does not really matter if you are a man or woman. Nor does it matter if you manage all the bills and look after children. Rather what it matters is that you should take the initiative to solve all problems in maintaining healthy and loving relationships.

The most important thing is not to argue with your partner and keep thinking you are right.{relatedarticles}

Being defensive or egoistic only succeeds in making her feel suffocated and causes your partner to drift further away from you even if you are staying under one roof and sleeping together. Instead, learn to control your emotions and be calm however hard it may seem initially.

Another important point to remember is to never ever beg for the your partner to return to you if things get heated up. Instead you need to provide a space for your partner by allowing him or her to stay and spend time with family. Doing this will improve your self-esteem.

Remember the purpose of marriage is to assist and support each other through ups and downs. Love is an important bridge to link a husband and wife in good and bad times.

Learn to show your passion with your partner in new ways every day. Use romantic competition, humour, messages and games to engage and brighten up your partner. Or learning a new skill like cooking and writing a poem.

Marriage is not about being in love with each other by hugging, kissing, having sex and sleeping together. It is about loving each other as a whole be it adjusting to each other's lifestyle and living habits, accepting each other's flaws and weaknesses but more importantly, staying united at all times.{relatedarticles}

This can affect your children as well as broken marriages naturally led to broken families.

Though getting advice from family, friends and marriage counsellors is helpful, they should be used as a last resort since marriage is primarily between you and your spouse agreeing with each other in order to make it work and last forever.

About The Author

But if following my tip still does not work for any reason, you may want to check out this site that specifically deals with marriage issues here. The author invites you to visit:

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Stranger Sex: Hot or Not?

Everybody know the allure of getting some strange, but some people take it to another level.

We're talking about sex with a stranger. We've seen it in porns or even our favorite rom-coms. However, there's a fine line between fiction and fact. Before you get busy with someone you've never met, there are some things you'll definitely want to keep in mind. After all, you're talking about risky business.

Studies show that men are much more likely to agree to have sex with a stranger, but that's probably not much of a surprise. In a test done on the street, when approached by a beautiful woman, 97% of men agreed to go back to her place for a drink, and 83% were ready for sex right away.

Even with average-looking women, 60% of men were agreeable to sex immediately. However, when the tables were turned, less than 1% of women agreed to sex with a stranger.


What does this mean for women? Well, if you're looking for a man to have a casual encounter with, and you're at least decent-looking, you should have no problem. It is unclear why men are so willing to have sex with someone they don't know.

Is it just because of the prospect of sex? Or is it because of evolution and the innate need to spread their seed? In any case, if you're turned on by the thrill of casual sex, remember that it's better to be safe than sorry. Keep these things in mind when planning for the unthinkable.

Tips to Plan Your Night of Stranger Sex

The first thing you want to consider is location, location, location. Some people may go to bars and hook up there. Others may feel uncomfortable picking up one-night stands at the local watering hole. Find out what you feel most comfortable with in terms of meeting people for casual sex. If you aren't comfortable doing your own dirty work, there are plenty of Internet hotspots to do it for you.

Many dating and sex Web sites will ask you questions about your sexual preferences so they can hook you up with like-minded individuals. Remember, these people are looking for casual sex, just like you. So odds are you'll have no trouble finding a willing participant.


Once you think you have found the perfect match for your random hook-up, engage in a little chit-chat. While you probably aren't interested in the person's life story, you do want to break the ice. Attempting to jump right in the sack can sometimes be a major turn-off. Of course, some people believe that less is more when it comes to small talk. Assess the situation to determine if you're both on the same page.

Keep in mind -- you probably don't want to spend hours talking and end up missing your opportunity. Plus, the last thing you want to do is get personal. As with talk, when it comes to biographical info, less is more. Remember, you're just looking for sex, not a long-term relationship. On the flipside, it's important to remember that you know nothing about this person. You are entering into this sexual arrangement at your own risk.

Once you have your rendezvous planned, decide on a neutral place, such as a hotel. Never, ever take someone who you just met back to your place, nor should you ever go to his or her place. Before you go anywhere, it's best to let someone know where you will be going. For obvious reasons, you should also carry your cell phone with you. Take all the proper protections not to put yourself in harm's way.

Enjoy your night of sex with no strings attached, but play it safe. Be prepared with condoms and insist your partner wears one. Don't let your guard down. Be ready with a plan in case things don't turn out as planned.


Probably one of the biggest benefits of stranger sex is that you get sex without all the stress and drama of being in a relationship. It's truly a case of no strings attached. If you haven't had sex in a long time, it's a fun way to get your rocks off. Or maybe you do have sex often, but are looking to spice it up a bit. Stranger sex can give you the thrill of sex with someone you don't know.



But everything is a trade-off. Like all enjoyable things in life, there are some serious stranger dangers. If you escape with your life, you're still at risk for a whole host of other issues. Probably the biggest risk of having sex with a stranger is contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Even if you are on birth control, it is important that you have the man wear a condom. If you proceed without protection, the chances are good that you may end up with more than just a great night of sex. Remember, you probably aren't his first ride at the stranger rodeo.

Not only can you get an STD, but you also can get pregnant. This means you can end up raising a child by yourself or terminating the pregnancy. Because more than likely, your perfect stranger will be long gone. Although you want the night to be memorable, it shouldn't haunt you for the rest of your life.

Another risk is that you don't know this guy you're about to sleep with. At all. For all you know, you may end up sleeping with a murderer or rapist. And if you've met him on the spot, it's highly unlikely that you'll have any time to look up this dude on his Facebook page or learn his criminal history.

Unfortunately, there's not really any way to avoid this risk because chances are, he won't tell you his real name. You'll need to be able to establish trust with someone in a short amount of time, which isn't always easy.


Should you do it?

Now that you are a little more familiar with the concept of stranger sex, you can decide for yourself if it's hot or not. It will depend on your sexual fantasies and beliefs, as well as whether you feel the benefits outweigh the risks. Obviously, it's a personal choice that only you can make.

It's not right for everyone. Many may feel it is morally inappropriate because of their sexual beliefs and that's fine. However, as long as you play it safe, stranger sex can give you a night of exhilaration, one that you won't soon forget. Of course, that pleasure could come at a very high price.

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