20 Essentials Every Working Mom Needs

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4. Reliable childcare - this one might seem like a no-brainer, but having a babysitter, child care facility or school you can trust is not only essential to your child, but also can give you peace of mind throughout the day. It's important to have "backups" in place if something unexpected happens.

5. A treat for yourself - a pedicure, a cupcake after dinner or a movie night - it doesn't matter what is it, as long is it brings you happiness. It's important to reward ourselves for small milestones and "just because" to avoid burnout.

6. Online shopping - online retailers have made it easier than ever to shop for clothes, appliances and even food online. Take advantage of online grocery delivery services, discount clothing and appliance sites like Overstock and Amazon, plus daily coupon emails to get the things you need without having to leave your desk and lug the kids along.

7. Versatile clothing - wrinkle-free and washer-friendly pieces will be your best bet as a working mom. Also, picking clothes that can transition easily from day to night or work to weekend will give you more bang for your buck.

8. Ready-to-go meals - long gone are the days of the unhealthy frozen pizza or Chinese takeout for working moms who also have to worry about dinner. There are many new healthy frozen meals on the market that are easy to heat up and require little cleanup. Healthy meal delivery services are also popping up in many cities. A quick Internet search will lead you to what's available in your area.