Nine Things Me-Time Can Do for You

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Go to the laundromat instead of your laundry room; buy groceries for the coming week or take your vehicle in to get the oil changed. If you blend your me-time with errands, you're multi-tasking. You create quiet time for yourself while these other things are getting done.



Spending at least 15 minutes a day by yourself is vital, as are regular dates with yourself. You should plan ahead and take an entire day away from your demanding life once or twice a month. Dating yourself is very important in order to stay in touch with who you are. Plan for a day at the gym alone; a trip to the salon or even a library can offer you a peaceful getaway. You'll be a better mom because of it.

Mia Redrick, Mom Strategist is a mom of three, author and speaker empowering one million mothers to practice better self-care. Redrick is the author of Time for mom-Me: 5 Essential Strategies for A Mother's Self-Care. For tips from The Mom Strategist visit