Deciphering Teens' Drug Slang

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Another popular drug among teens due to its easy access is dextromethorphan, which is found in many cough suppressants, like Robitussin. Taking more than 900 milligrams of the drug gives the user hallucinations. Slang words for the drug include DXM, DM, Robo, Roby, Tussin, Drex, Skittles and Vitamin D. Dexing refers to abusing the drug, and syrup heads are people who abuse the drug. Gamma hydroxybutyrate is a mouthful and a lot to text, so this hallucinogenic drug is usually called GHB, Georgia Home Boy, and Liquid X, Liquid E or Liquid Ecstasy. Drug-using teens still rank alcohol and pot as their drugs of choice, and cocaine is a close third. Experts say that girls in particular like to use the drug for weight management. Parents who keep a close eye on their kids' communication habits and keep lines of communication open - while being as open-minded as possible - seem to be most successful in reaching their children before a problem spirals out of control.