Lend a Helping Hand

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We want to raise our children to be sympathetic, empathetic and energetic when it comes to helping others. So what better way to help cultivate caring kids than by teaching them to volunteer? These days, there is a huge emphasis on giving back to those are in need. Thanks to technology, there are Web sites out there specifically geared toward getting children to volunteer.

These sites can be used as a resource for learning what opportunities are available. Volunteering is also a great way for you and your child to bond. When your son or daughter sees you getting involved in volunteer work, he or she will likely be enthusiastic about following suit. The first step is finding a volunteer opportunity that will be interesting to your child. It should also be relevant to your child's age. Also consider the location (is it close?), the frequency (how often will you be expected to participate?) and the duration (how long will you be expected to be there?).