What's Hiding in Your Kid's Food?

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Are your kids getting more than the vitamins and minerals they need in their food? Likely so, if they eat a lot of processed, packaged food. Some of the most common food additives can have some pretty unsavory side effects, so it's a good idea to check labels before buying the foods your kids eat on a regular basis.

The British medical journal The Lancet published its findings in 2007, linking preservatives and artificial color to hyperactivity in children. Artificial colors have been linked to everything from cancer to exacerbating asthma symptoms. Look for FD & C Blue, Red or Yellow on labels in order to avoid them. High fructose corn syrup is an artificial sweetener found in candy, soft drinks and other foods. Some studies have linked it to increasing rates of Type 2 diabetes and obesity, but large amounts of sugar can have that effect. It's best to limit the sweet stuff if possible. Another concern about corn-containing products is the high rate of genetically modified corn.