Yes, No, Maybe So: Kids Who Say One Thing, Do Another

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Saying one thing and doing another, melting down over seemingly nothing, refusing to use the bathroom -- kids are contradictory little things sometimes. But before you throw your hands up and take your little one to a shrink, try to get to the bottom of those tumultuous thoughts. Maybe your child begged for a hamburger, then screams when you unwrap it, saying, "But I wanted chicken nuggets!" Or she's been talking about nothing but your upcoming trip to Grandma's, then wakes that morning and doesn't want to go anymore. There's a reason why kids may say one thing and do another. Kids can sometimes have trouble articulating what they want and need when there's a conflict between the two. For example, a child may wiggle and cross her legs while having a great time playing, but when you ask if she needs to use the bathroom, she denies the urge.