Fat Smash Diet

ImageIt is the last diet you should ever need.

That is the promise made by Dr. Ian Smith, creator of the Fat Smash Diet. Made famous by VH1's Celebrity Fit Club, Dr. Smith is fast to point out that the program is not only for the rich and famous -- it is for everyone. Unlike other complicated weight-loss plans, Dr. Smith promises that dieters will move through the 90-day program with ease.

Celebrities like Chastity Bono, Tempestt Bledsoe, Kelly LeBrock and Young MC have all shed their spare time with Dr. Smith's common-sense method to losing weight.

There are no quick fixes. Instead his goal is to help individuals makelasting changes that will be followed for life. Using a four-phase approach,the Fat Smash Diet follows the dieter through relevant changes. Thefirst phase is the detox.

For nine days, the diet is almost all fruits and vegetables.In doing so, the body is cleansed of all the toxins that have built up inthe system. You will eat four to five nutrient-rich meals each day. There isalso a psychological component where people are told to decrease the levelsof stress in their lives. Phase one is the most difficult part of the FatSmash Diet.

Phase 2, The Foundation, teaches dieters to "smash" their bad habits andcreate healthier behaviors in the interim. The name of the game is alwaysthe same -- do not overeat, load up on fruits and vegetables, do not skip
meals and continue to stay active.

ImageIn the next phase, which lasts threeweeks, the dieter reintroduces foods like avocado, lean meats, eggs,
cheese, whole grains, butter, diet soda, seafood and other foods inmoderation.

Phase 3 goes for four weeks and uses the principles of the first two phases.Yet, the dieter is allowed to eat pastas and breads and a smallamount of sweet treats.

The final phase of the diet is a maintenance phase that will last a lifetime. Prepare to indulge in pizza, wine, beer and potatoes. But remember, that the guidelines are still in effect. Keep exercising, obey proper portion control, don't skip meals and eat four to five times a day.

Expect to lose between six to eight pounds during the initial phase and then a few pounds a week in the next phases.