Hot Hair Accessories for Your Workout

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Regardless of whether you're spinning, sprinting or stretching, this three-in-one headband keeps hair from falling in your eyes. It retails for $14. The Fly Away Tamer Headband by Luluemon catches those flyaways and keeps them in place. The Fly Away Tamer Headband is made from luon, Lululemon's signature fabric and offers a 4-way stretch. Get yours in a variety of colors for just $15. If you're one of those women who think headbands are a major headache, there are other options for you. For women who are constantly struggling with tangles and knots, pick up Snag-Free Elastics by Sephora. For just $3.50, you'll get 8 hair ties that seamlessly go in and out of the hair -- no tangles, no knots.