Lush Lashes: Fake it Til You Make it!

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There's just no excuse for wimpy lashes these days. When you have growing options like Latisse, plus extensions and even lash dyeing, there's no way you can't have lush eyelashes. Some of those options can get pricey, may be too permanent or simply may not be for you. So here are some great techniques to get the movie-star look for less. First, a great mascara can cure a lot of ills. The first step is to use a high-quality eyelash curler and hold for five seconds per eye. A mascara primer is optional, but it'll lengthen lashes, add volume and moisturize brittle lashes, all of which will increase mascara's staying power. Choose a formula that has what you need - volume, length, etc., and start at the base of the lash. Pull the wand out of the tube, being careful not to pump it up and down - this can trap bacteria in the container - and blot on a tissue to remove excess product. Wiggle the wand around at the bottom of the lash, then pull it up and through the ends of the lashes.