Makeup: Order, Please!

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Does it really matter in what sequence you put on your makeup? Most of us just think if we cover up those imperfections, throw on a bit of color and jazz up our skin, we're done. But taking the right steps and putting on makeup in a certain order can make a big difference when it comes to the hassle of putting on makeup, preventing mistakes and having it stay on longer. First, apply your primers - skin, eyeshadow, etc. Then the eyes have it - it may sound strange to start with eye makeup, but when you use glittery shadows or other "sticky" colors, you'll save yourself more time if you make a mistake. That way, when you take off the excess color, you'll only have to reapply it - not the layers underneath. Go with shadow first, then liner and mascara last. Next, prep any blemishes you plan to cover with concealer.