Start Shopping for the Perfect Coat

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If you're dreading the day when it comes time to drag out that puffer jacket from 2005 or your drab black peacoat, then it may be time to invest in a new winter coat. You'll want to consider your climate and how cold it gets, of course, but there are a few hot coat styles that you might want to check out before it really starts getting cool outside. A classic silhouette, like an A-line, peacoat, trench or parka is always in fashion, but this year, try mixing it up with different colors, patterns and accessories. An A-line or peacoat shape flatters every figure and allows for comfortable layering underneath. Pick one in a vibrant purple or yellow to break up the sea of black and grey coats - a bright color makes it perfect for layering and creating a colorblocking effect with another vibrant color underneath. For a sporty look, a parka is perfect. A long, fitted one is perfect for wet, cold days. And to add a little luxury, try one trimmed in faux fur. In fact, any coat trimmed in fur is on trend this season.