Transform Your Style with 5 Pieces

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Rachel Roy and Steve Madden are two brands that are super glam - but also practical. Scarves are back in a big way, and they're just the thing to inject a punch of color to an otherwise monochromatic style. Whether you wear it as a headscarf, a la Thelma and Louise or sling it casually around your neck, a scarf is a great way to give your style some panache. Another piece that can change your whole look - and make you look thinner to boot! - is a wide, waist-cinching belt. Try one with a shirt dress or pencil skirt. Last, show your style down to your fingertips - a manicure in a jaunty, unexpected color like green is an easy way to get noticed. Think outside your normal bland color when you look at your nail hues or go to the manicurist.