Will You Age Well?

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You may not want to hear it, but one day, your youthful visage may disappear. But it doesn't have to be anytime soon, especially when you know how to reduce the signs of aging. First, here are a few ways to know when that day might come. Your facial features may forecast that fateful day, plus a little nature vs. nurture thrown in. Women with fuller faces -- round, oval or heart-shaped --may curse their "fat" faces now, but as we age, we lose that fat. A few extra facial fat cells can help evade that gaunt, sunken look the face may take on. Also, those of us lucky enough to have high cheekbones can thank them for keeping cheeks from sagging over time. The color of your skin can work for you when it comes to wrinkles making an appearance. Those with darker complexions are lucky enough to have wrinkles and fine lines show up later and less frequently - wrinkles are more apparent on fairer complexions.