New Hue? Tweak Makeup to Match a New Hair Color

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A whole new hair color can mean more than just different hued locks - it could mean some new makeup shades are in your future!

When choosing makeup colors you need to pay attention to your surroundings -- and by surroundings we mean your hair. Whether it frames your cheeks or slips down into your eyes, your hair color adds to your overall look and can make or break your makeup ensemble.

Check out these tips for matching your makeup to your new hair hue.

Blonde Bombshells

If you’ve gone soft on us with blonde hair, it’s time to lighten up your makeup, too. Try to avoid anything too drastic unless you’re really trying to make a statement. Instead, focus on softer tones like amber, peach, and gold, or even go a little flirty with light pinks.

Easy on the Eyes…

To make your eyes pop, Women’s Health recommends using eyeshadow in more neutral colors like amber or champagne. Apply it from your lids to the creases and under the lower lashes. A swoop of brown eyeliner along your top lash line and a coat of black mascara can draw extra attention.

Cherry Cheeks…

Use pink to add a little color without taking the focus off your new blonde hair. A rose-colored blush blended lightly on your cheekbones can bring a little extra color to a light complexion. Peach tones also work well if you have very fair skin. For darker complexions, go for warmer tones like a muted orange blush.