Skin Care That Cares For Our Planet

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There is much attention these days regarding personal and business practices that are eco-friendly, planet sustainable and green. People are looking closer at the smaller things that can make a positive impact on our life on this planet for both the present and the future. One area that has a great impact on the health of our planet, yet is not often touted as such, is skin care and body care products.

Information is circulating; the word is getting around. There is a massive market of skin care products that can be harmful to your health. Scientific evidence indicates that many synthetic ingredients used in body care products may cause cancer, birth defects, infertility, kidney and liver disease. In depth information and references can be found on the environmental working group's cosmetic database; an informational database for safe product selection.

Many of the ingredients used in commercial body care products are petroleum based synthetically derived chemicals. Those chemicals eventually end up in our streams and rivers from the discharge of wastewater from sewage treatment which does not remove petro-chemical compounds. This not only contaminates our land and water, it in turn ends up in our food supply...and so the cycle continues.