Zap That Zit: Here's How

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It's inevitable. The morning before a first date or the night before your big presentation, a big pimple is just waiting to erupt on your face! You don't need to panic when clogged pores threaten to ruin your flawless face; we've got some great tricks for beating those blemishes at all stages of the game.

What IS a pimple?

A pimple is an infected or clogged pore that swells up above the skin. Some pimples are mild and create only a small red bump that clears on its own. Others can be ugly white-headed monstrosities that you feel have taken over your entire face.

Pimples are caused when your oil glands are clogged or infected, causing bacteria to grow within the pore, which produces the redness, swelling and pain associated with a typical zit. Most teenagers going through puberty experience increased breakouts of acne and pimples because of their hormonal changes. Pregnant women also often experience acne during their increased hormonal changes.