When It's Time to Toss Makeup
Today's Beauty Tip
You probably wouldn't eat food past its expiration date, so why put expired makeup on your lips and the rest of your face? It may surprise you, but just like food, makeup has expiration dates. The trick is to know how quickly your products... Read More
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Fashion Forward Fitness Wear
Whether you're a distance-obsessed runner training for your next 10K or even a hard-core yogi, whoever said fitness and fashion had to be...
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How to Pick the Perfect Hair Products
A general rule of thumb when picking out hair products is that what is perfect for you may not be so perfect for someone else. If you...
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Hair Removal Options
Let's face it, girls. When it comes to our legs, underarms and bikini lines, the hairy look is out. While it may be a preference for some...
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