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Who doesn't remember the tingly, tart smell of Noxema or the iconic green-and-pink Great Lash tube? They were beauty staples for our moms and even grandmothers, and surprisingly enough, they're still pretty great. Here are a few to try if... Read More
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How To Wear A Jacket Or Blazer
Jackets and blazers used to be essential parts of a woman's wardrobe. Nowadays, while the average woman owns at least one blazer, she's...
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Fight the Frizz: Hot Oil Treatments You Need To Know
Most women agree: Frizz stinks. It blurs the lines of a good haircut, makes a ponytail look like a puffball, and turns styling into an...
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Diffuser Product Review
Learning how to make the most of your curly or wavy hair can take some practice. You've probably gone through some trial and error over...
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