Selling Beauty Products for Extra Income
Today's Beauty Tip
Finding extra income in this economic downturn has led many women to look into selling jewelry and cosmetics for a little extra cash. But is it for you and your family? First, do your research. Find companies that allow you to sell their... Read More
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Developing and Treating Spider Veins
Spider veins are veins that develop slightly under the surface of the skin where they are easily seen. The veins are made of small blood...
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6 Tips to Care for Your Skin Better -- and Greener!
Looking younger for as long as you can is probably important to you. But all those products you use on your skin? Some of them come at a...
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Facts To Know About Perfume
Perfume (Latin "per fume" meaning "through smoke") was highly favored by the Egyptians, Romans, and Arabs. In East Asia, perfumes were...
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