Get Your Own Custom-Colored Lipstick

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If you just can't find a new lipstick or gloss in that just-right color, don't fret. You don't have to spend a ton of cash trying to find that color that's just perfect for your skin. It might be resting at the bottom of your purse or makeup bag. For a custom look, you might try experimenting with blending the lipstick shades you already own for a completely different lip color. If you have a shocking pink, then try mixing it up with a more sedate brown shade - a pinkish-brown, rosy color is flattering on most anyone. Add a little shine with a frosty lipstick for colors that look too drab or matte on your lips. And you can make a pretty plum out of red and purple hues. You can give any color in your palette that hot, matte look seen on the runways by simply layering the color with pressed powder between coats. If you want to go for that slick, nude look seen on many runways, it's easy.