Nail Polish: Don't Pick Just One

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All of the vibrant colors available in nail polish these days makes it difficult to choose just one. So don't! The hottest trends in manicures are nails that sport several tones. There are some great, easy techniques to learn how to make the most of your multicolored manicure. First off, the easiest way to get this new look is to do what lots of stars have done on the red carpet and paint four nails per hand with one color and using an accent color on the other two nails. For example, on the runways, a coral color would go on each nail, with the ring fingers, for example, getting a mellow yellow color. Or use fall's trendy new neutrals - gunmetal gray, black and other industrial shades to mix and match. Go for a brick red with a gold accent nail for a fun fall look. You can use two complementary colors for other looks as well, like nail art, which is definitely making a comeback. Just take a look at Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj's decorated talons at this year's Video Music Awards.