New Nail Polish Looks

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If your nails are crying for some fresh color, then the latest trends are for you. This season promises some really different looks for fingers and toes. One avant-garde look is from the Katy Perry collection at OPI. The pop tart is known for her crazy colors, on her nails and on her head, and the collection features wild, sparkly colors with fun names like Teenage Dream. But the real trendsetter is the black in the collection, called Shatter. It is meant to go over other colors, like a topcoat might, and as it dries, it gives a cracked appearance. China Glaze offers several colors in this finish that dry with a "broken" appearance - their collection is called Crackle. Another finish that's featured in recent collections is matte. Basically, it gives nails a suede-like appearance instead of the usual shiny, glossy nail you'd usually get. One more interesting trend is that of the holographic color. Basically, the color looks one way in the bottle, and as you apply or turn your nails at certain angles, the color mutates and changes to another pretty color. For example, Zoya's Gemma looks like a light olive green in the bottle and goes on with a bluish-violet shimmer.