Prevent Slip-n-Slide Summer Makeup

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Warmer weather, oily skin - or a combination of both! - can wreak havoc on your makeup application. Here are a few tips to keep things in place. Be sure your face is clean and oil-free before you start, and apply a primer to help makeup adhere. Start by swapping a few items in your makeup bag. Instead of heavy pressed powder, which can either settle into large pores or slide right off at the first sign of moisture, try a tinted moisturizer. It offers more sheer coverage that sits on the face instead of sinking into pores and fine lines. If you really need more coverage, then add a layer of mineral makeup or even a lighter formula of your favorite foundation - mousses are whipped with air, making them lighter without sacrificing coverage. The key to any makeup choice is to look for oil-free formulations that have SPF to protect your skin from harsh summer rays.