Strip Down: The Fastest Manicure Ever

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The latest cool way to do your nails is Sally Hansen's Salon Effects, which are essentially stickers for your nails. However, they are made of nail polish and adhere to nails just as well - if not better than - traditional nail polish. Simply find the sizes that fit your nails best, remove the backing and apply to nails with an orange stick to help it adhere. File off the excess at the tip, and voila. You have a gorgeous manicure in all the hottest trends and colors, including metallics and multicolored patterns like animal prints. The adhesive stays on up to 10 days, according to Sally Hansen's Web site, and many users report wearing them a lot longer. However, users also report difficulty in applying them for the first time, and at a spendy 10 bucks per set (16 stickers are included in a set), there's not a lot of room for error. However, it's a fun way to get a playful, quick manicure, so why not give it a try?