The Most Requested Celebrity Haircuts

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Farrah Fawcett's feathers, Meg Ryan's shag, Rachel's layers...since movies have been made, women have requested their favorite stars' styles, and not much has changed. Women are still requesting long layers, which is a style that works great on most women. But "the Rachel" has a bit of a twist these days. There should be more movement to the style, incorporating the beachy waves that are in style now. For women with a bit of natural curl, long layers with a shoulder-length cut are an easy styling choice. If you like a shorter style, then the sought-after cut has been Rihanna's razor-sharp coif. Her long bangs - with or without the neon red dye - are a good way to try out a short cut without feeling shorn. But be cautious if your hair is short that it doesn't take on the shape of a bubble, a la Sharon Osbourne, whose short style has been criticized as being too "mom-ish."