How to Choose the Best Bathing Suit for Your Body

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So, why would we do an article on bathing suits in the fall? Well, in case you have some time on your hands this winter and are feeling ambitious, you can hit the gym and ramp things up for spring. Some of us aren't quite so lucky, and may be headed off soon for a post-holiday trip to the tropics (or a quick jaunt out back to the hot tub).

Whatever the reason, or time of year, check out these tips for how to look and feel great in a suit, whether it's a skimpy string bikini or a sexy one-shoulder number. Who knows, you may even feel so confident, you can finally shrug off that massive towel and strut your stuff.

If You Want To: Slim your Hips and Behind

When you want to accentuate your feminine curves without drawing too much attention to your hips and rear, you'll want to go with frilly ruffles, sexy skirted bottoms and even boy shorts. This helps draw attention to your hourglass shape while detracting from the features you want to minimize.

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Cost: $98

About the Suit: This slimming black suit features an asymmetrical neckline. The crown jewel is the polished stone ring on the suit's sole shoulder strap. Other features include a drop shelf bra and removable cups. The thin line of frill that skirts the hips makes it sexy and unassuming all at once.