How to Pick the Perfect Hair Products

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A general rule of thumb when picking out hair products is that what is perfect for you may not be so perfect for someone else. If you have fine hair, you definitely don't want to slather on a tonic meant for someone with curly, frizzy hair who needs to tone things down a bit.

The key to any hair care regimen is a shampoo that cleans your hair without stripping it of natural oils and shine. As for conditioners, beware of products high in wax that may provide a satisfactory sheen on the surface while actually leaving deposits that weigh down the hair.)

Finally, you'll want a product that protects your hair from heat styling, the sun and the environment. So if you're not going to be making your bi-monthly trip to the salon anytime soon or consult with your stylist, here are some tips to picking the perfect hair products.

Curly Hair

Curly hair is unique from other hair types because the key to making it great is not how you style it but how you care for it. As many curly-haired cuties know, you should never brush through your curls. Sleep on your curls when they're soaking wet without braiding or putting up your hair and you're done for. And while frequent washing is beneficial for many hair types, you may want to save the shampoo for every other day. While curly hair is notorious for its unwieldy lack of control, reach for the flat iron no more, for you can control those curls.