How to Pick the Perfect Hair Products

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What You Want to Try: Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion

This product is like a potion - it's the perfect concoction of plant extracts such as acacia gum and kaolin clay that combine to give your locks the lift they so desperately need. Don't be thrown off guard when you first use this product. It starts off as a powder. While you can put it into damp hair, it works its magic when you apply it directly to dry hair. Work it through the roots at the crown of the head if hair is going up, or if you're blow drying, sprinkle it through your hair add the heat, and Voilà - instant volume. Best part is this product is long-lasting. $23

Dry or Damaged Hair

In many cases, hair can dry out and become damaged from blow drying, coloring and curling -also sun and heat can have a negative effect. For some girls, dry hair just occurs naturally. While dry, coarse hair may style well and hold curl, it can be prone to damage and breakage. In addition, that lustrous shine can give way to dull muted tones. Dry-haired girls need to be extra careful when washing - don't pull shampoo and conditioner over the entire strand of hair; gently massage into the scalp. Wash hair only every other day or every couple of days, as excess shampooing can strip your hair of its already limited moisture. And whenever possible, let those locks air dry!

What You Need: To regain that shine, be careful of styling products with chemical ingredients. Organic, plant based products may be best. When shampoo shopping, look for a product that is low in acidity, and avoid using hairspray, gels and creams in excess. Mousse should be avoided altogether. Supplement your hair care regimen with a hot oil treatment every now and then, and keep up your trips to the salon to chop off those damaged tips. (Every 6 to 8 weeks is best.)