Product Review: Mascara

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Unless you have permanent eyelash extensions, chances are you use mascara. If you don't, consider that it's an easy way to add depth to the eyes with literally just a few flicks of a wand.

The variety of mascaras out there are almost endless - from waterproof formulas when you're out playing in ocean waves to volume-boosting numbers that will accent your sexy red dress on a special night out.

There are even colors to choose from - shades of black, black/brown, even gray and violet. The fad with bright blue, purple and green mascara has fortunately gone by the wayside over the past few years. In its place are classier colors like slate, auburn and plum.

With so many mascaras to choose from, and so many cosmetics companies touting their brand as best, it's easy to get confused. So if your current mascara is drying out and it's time for a new tube, check out these faves. Who knows - maybe a new lash look is in order.